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China’s Twin Towers has Largest LED Wall in The World


Tallest Live Grden And Kaleidoscope Soon to Come Up in China

China’s Twin Towers has Largest LED Wall in The World
The largest LED wall on the globe can be found in China's Jiangxi Province. This little known city in the second largest economy of the world, now boasts of 35,300 square meters of LED walls adorning its twin towers.

The Chinese twin towers beat the 828-meter-high Burj Khalifa in Dubai, the world's tallest tower, in terms of possessing the largest LED wall in the world.

The LED walls adorn the external façade of the 303-meter-high twin tower, the Jiangxi 303 Greenland Center in the provincial capital Nanchang. The LED wall exceeds the , 32,400 square meter LED wall of the Burj Khalifa by nothing less than 2900 square meters.

The LED wall feat has been certificated by the Guinness World Records as a new record for the largest LED wall.

A shanghai based lighting company of Shanghai designed the LED wall.

The tower is the 81st tallest tower in the world and was completed in 4 years time. It opened earlier this year. The tower was designed by Skidmore Owings and Merrill LLP.  

Meanwhile the tallest twin towers of the world are being built at Wuhan in Central China.
The tallest of the two towers would stand at 3,280 feet – nearly a kilometer high and has been christened as the Phoenix Towers. Being built on a newly developed 47-hectare site situated on an island in a lake that stands in the center of Wuhan, the towers are being built to enhance the appeal of the city as a tourist destination.

These buildings would house two more records – one of the buildings would house the world’s tallest “living wall”, a garden that grows vertically through its interior while the other would have the world’s tallest kaleidoscope. Housed in vast globes and connected by skywalks, suspended restaurants will hover between the two.

These two towers cited above are indicative of the increasing wealth in China and the population’s growing disposable income which has seen the significant growth of domestic tourism in recent years.
Both the towers, in Nanchang in East China and Wuhan in central China, were conceived to be tourist attractions, indicating the importance that the country has attached to tourism. Experts assume that the Phoenix tower would become one of the most sought after tourist destination in the same was as Burj Khalifa has become for Dubai.  

Makers of Phoenix Tower hope that the towers would give an opportunity for locals who have yet to travel abroad to get a feel of plazas in foreign countries and the streets leading from the base of the buildings will house an embodiment of different foreign cultures.

A bazaar style market would be housed in a Turkish plaza while a Japan street featuring Japanese restaurants and shops will replicate modern-day Japan. A typical French street would be replicated on the France zone.

Even though the twin towers in Nanchang are not as elaborate as the one at Wuhan, it has already served its purpose, feel the authorities, by placing it on the Guinness Records. This could serve to [pull tourists to the little known Eastern China city. 

(Source: www. ecns.cn & www.telegraph.co.uk) 

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