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Science & Technology

Toyota is introducing cargo robots for transporting assembled cars at Toyota Motor plant

X will start collecting users' biometric data

Spread Of ChatGPT Enthusiasm Into US Workplace Alarms Some

China Announces Measures To Limit The Use Of Facial Recognition Software

All About Semiconductors

Garuda Indonesia is testing palm oil-fueled aircraft engines

IT market leaders cooperate to oversee AI security

White House Says OpenAI, Google, And Others Promise To Watermark AI Content For Security

SEC chief warns of risks to financial systems due to AI

China plans human landing on the lunar surface by 2030

World Politics

World & Politics

Japan's Prime Minister announces new program to raise wages and fight inflation

Following Qatar Deal Unfreezing $6 Billion, The United States And Iran Trade Detainees

Japan's government resigns in its entirety

England's second most populous city declares bankruptcy

WSJ: Chinese officials banned from using iPhones at work

China to cancel COVID-19 tests for travelers entering the country from 30 August

Trump raises record $72M for his campaign

China to turn the screw on Internet resources to eliminate business rights infringements