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Science & Technology

Juul e-cigarettes banned from sale in the US

World’s first flight on 100% sustainable jet fuel takes place in Sweden

AstraZeneca Will Not Do Anything Differently, Says CEO About Its Covid-19 Jab

Small Nuclear Power Plants May Be Embroiled In Significant Waste Issues - New Research

China is boosting solar power investments

Crypto-exchanges in India face problems with rupee transfers

Hackers break record for blockchain hacks, steal $1.3B in crypto assets

Hackers steal $540 million in cryptocurrency from Axie Infinity game users

NFT marketplace OpenSea reports phishing theft of user tokens

McDonald's to open a restaurant in metaverse

World Politics

World & Politics

WHO: Over 3,000 cases of monkeypox detected worldwide

Dubai Company Provides Safety For Russian Oil Tankers On India’s Behalf

Sri Lanka: Our economy is ruined

The Netherlands turn back to coal power plants

UK Home Office to introduce electronic tagging of illegal migrants

Japan Today: Japanese farmers to replace rice with grain

U.S. congressmen propose to limit investments in China

U.S. ready to reset relations with Saudi Arabia