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Science & Technology

Indonesia Starts On-Road Testing Of Biodiesel That Has 40% Palm Oil

USA, UK defense companies set to develop anti-hypersonic defense systems

Apple sets for digital healthcare

Hydrogen Booster Truck Model Launched By UK EV Startup Tevva

ExxonMobil CEO expects global shift to electric cars by 2040

Juul e-cigarettes banned from sale in the US

World’s first flight on 100% sustainable jet fuel takes place in Sweden

AstraZeneca Will Not Do Anything Differently, Says CEO About Its Covid-19 Jab

Small Nuclear Power Plants May Be Embroiled In Significant Waste Issues - New Research

China is boosting solar power investments

World Politics

World & Politics

South Korea to cut budget for first time since 2010

U.S. delays imposition of duties on Chinese goods

China restricts flights around Taiwan until the end of the week

Myanmar military extends state of emergency for six months

Egypt terminates contracts for 240 thousand tons of Ukrainian wheat

EU to allocate €1.59 billion to Ukraine through European Investment Bank

India elects woman as new president for the second time in history

Lenders to suspend Ukraine's sovereign debt payments