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Science & Technology

Crypto-exchanges in India face problems with rupee transfers

Hackers break record for blockchain hacks, steal $1.3B in crypto assets

Hackers steal $540 million in cryptocurrency from Axie Infinity game users

NFT marketplace OpenSea reports phishing theft of user tokens

McDonald's to open a restaurant in metaverse

Sotheby's and artist Kevin McCoy are being sued for selling the "first" NFT

India announces launch of its digital currency from 1 April

Flu Returns To Europe, Threatens A Prolonged 'Twindemic'

Hyundai Heavy Unit Claims Tech To Transport Hydrogen By Ships To Be Ready By 2025

The European Drug Agency Questions The Need For A Fourth Booster Dose

World Politics

World & Politics

Canada bans use of Chinese Huawei and ZTE products in the country

Germany Will Not Support EU Green Investment Label For Nuclear Power Plants

Turkey raises minimum investment threshold for citizenship by 60%

Moldova asks EU for extra financial support

Japan passes economic security law

China warns of "difficult and serious" labor market situation due to COVID-19

WHO notes 15M excess deaths from COVID-19 worldwide in two years

US and UK discuss measures to reduce risk of war with China over Taiwan