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Science & Technology

Microsoft announces new multibillion-dollar investment in ChatGPT creator OpenAI

In The Wake Of The Covid Wave, China Looks To Lemons, Peaches, And Traditional Medicine

New Covid Model Forecasts More Than 1 Million People Will Die In China By 2023

Twitter to increase number of characters in tweets to 4,000

Google and YouTube will award a grant to combat misinformation

Bank of Japan introduces world's first banknotes with 3D holograms

Repeat COVID Infection Poses Greater Risk Than Initial Infection, According To A Study

Volkswagen to expand cooperation on self-driving cars with Mobileye

Addiction Medication Shows Promise In Alleviating Long-Term COVID Brain Fog And Fatigue

Amazon gives up on Scout delivery robot

World Politics

World & Politics

Analysts: India may overtake China in population

The Economist estimates number of elderly relatives in the world at 1.5 billion

US to limit China's access to semiconductor technology

Belgium, Engie to extend operation of two nuclear power plant reactors

UN: We are working to remove barriers to fertilizer exports

U.S. State Department approves $180 million sale of landmine systems to Taiwan

Japan and Saudi Arabia sign memorandum on new types of energy

U.S. sends first batch of $13M-worth energy equipment to Ukraine