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Science & Technology

Finnish burger chain to donate waste cooking fats for renewable diesel fuels

Merck applies for approval of COVID-19 tablets

Google transfers its users to two-factor authentication

Visa is working on a digital currency transfer project

Ford to invest record $7B in electric vehicles in the US

Covid-19 Pandemic Could Be Over In A Year, Says Moderna Chief Executive: Newspaper

Amazon to open clothing shops with smart fitting rooms

Impossible Foods announces plant-based chicken nuggets

Future Of Mobility Is Convergence Of Auto And Tech Industries, Says Battery Pioneer Akira Yoshino

Israeli Study Concludes Third Vaccine Shot Lowers Infection Risk Significantly For 60-Plus

World Politics

World & Politics

UK and New Zealand agree on a free trade deal

G20 CO2 emissions are almost back to pre-COVID levels

UN: COVID-19 vaccinatation of 40% of world population requires $8B

US ready to partially lift duties on imports from China

UN calls for a harmonised approach to data management

Normal Life To Return In A Year But With Annual Covid Shots, Says Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla

Latin American countries call on Biden to lift trade embargo on Cuba

FT: Xi Jinping refused a meeting proposed by Joe Biden