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Science & Technology

Clubhouse launches an Android app in the US

Study Claims Countries Unintentionally Reporting Less Carbon Emissions Than Actual

After Emergence Of Blood Clot Reports, J&J Reportedly Asked Vaccine Rivals For Help

DJI's new drone gets 5K resolution camera

Apple postpones MacBook and iPad releases due to lack of chips and displays

Virgin Galactic unveils new VSS Imagine spacecraft

EU Countries Suspending AstraZeneca Vaccine May Have Wider Impacts

China doubles over US in number of quantum technology patents

Bloomberg warns of global crisis due to Microsoft's vulnerability

Singapore will ban registration of diesel cars and taxis from 2025

World Politics

World & Politics

Covid-19 Vaccine Patent Waiver Proposal By US Supported By The EU But Critics Oppose

EU-UK trade agreement to come into force on 1 May

Russia And China Accused By EU Of Running Vaccine Disinformation Campaigns

Zimbabwe to issue elephant hunting licences to combat economic crisis

EU Scientists Says 2020 Was Hottest Year On Record For Europe

South Korea stops funding coal-fired power plants abroad

Sanctions On Russia Imposed By US Over Cyber-Attacks

US CDC: About 5,800 Americans fell ill after being vaccinated against COVID-19