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Science & Technology

FBI: Cybercriminals robbed users of $10 billion in 2022

Nikkei: Amazon leads in number of patents for unmanned vehicles

Bentley to switch from W12 engine to electric cars

Aramco Digital sets to raise $1.9B for digital technology

Microsoft announces new multibillion-dollar investment in ChatGPT creator OpenAI

In The Wake Of The Covid Wave, China Looks To Lemons, Peaches, And Traditional Medicine

New Covid Model Forecasts More Than 1 Million People Will Die In China By 2023

Twitter to increase number of characters in tweets to 4,000

Google and YouTube will award a grant to combat misinformation

Bank of Japan introduces world's first banknotes with 3D holograms

World Politics

World & Politics

Macron's rating falls to lowest since 2019 amid pension reform

Ukraine to set up nuclear fuel production in three years

FT: Beijing forces Hong Kong politicians to give up foreign passports

UN Secretary General calls on developed countries to allocate up to 0.20% of national income to help neighbors

WHO urges to prepare for new pandemic

WSJ: US Department of Energy concludes that COVID-19 pandemic was caused by lab leak

Nearly 5 million refugees apply for EU for protection in 2022

China declares full victory over COVID-19 pandemic