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MVP Group’s CSR Council Provides financial assistance to Philippine’s Special Action Force


In a well-organized ceremony attended by the movers and shakers from TV5, the MVP Group, Meralco Foundation, and Alagang Kapatid, the MVP Group’s CSR council provided financial assistance to the officers in PNP’s Special Action Force who were injured in the line of duty during the Mamasapano mission.

The MVP Group has agreed to provide financial assistance to the Philippine National Police Special Action Force in order to provide timely assistance to 15 of its wounded SAF officers. These Special Action Force officers were part of the assault troop that took part in the Mamasapano Mission in which the Zulkifli bin Hir, an international terrorist, who went by the alias Marwan was neutralized. Apart from taking care of these 15 SAF officers, the MVP Group has also provided financial assistance to 44 families of deceased SAF officers.

The ceremony, in which this financial assistance was provided, was attended by the MVP Group’s CSR council members, including Manny V Pangilinan, personnel from Meralco Foundation and Smart Foundation, Alagang Kapatid from TV5, as well as PC Supt. Moro Virgilio Lazo, the new SAF chief, PC Supt. Amando EMpiso and other officers from the Special Action Force.
Other distinguished members were TV5’s Chief Financial Officer Ana Bengzon, TV5’s President Emmanuel Lorenzana, Alagag Kapatid’s Operational Manager Henry Torres and its Executive Director Menchie Silvestre, Smart Foundation’s President Esther Santos, and Edlyn Addun representing One Meralco Foundation.

All the Special Acton Force officers not present in the ceremony had already reported back for active duty. Although one had to undergo further treatment for an infected shrapnel wound in an undisclosed hospital.

This is not the first time that the MVP Group’s Corporate Social Responsibility Council is disbursing financial assistance to SAF commandos. At the time of going to the Press, One Meralco Foundation, TV5 Alagang Kapatid Foundation along with PLDT Smart Foundation have pooled their resources and have donated P1.25 million to the families of the deceased and wounded PNP-SAF officers.

Both Ms Esther Santos and Mr. Noel Lorenzana remarked during the ceremony that they would definitely like to follow through with this financial assistance in the near future. The nature of this financial assistance is such that it covers not only the wounded or deceased SAF officer, but it also provides assistance to his young dependents. Lorenzana was full of thanks for the PNP-SAF officers who have done so much for keeping the face.

At the time of his interview to the TV5 film crew, the Director of the PNP-SAF, profusely thanked the MVP Group and its CSR council for its financial assistance. He said it will not only greatly help those SAF officers who have been injured in the line of duty, but it will also, to a large extent, uplift the moral of the entire PNP-SAF division; especially so during these trying times dominated by the Mamasapano incident.

As per Mr. Lazo, this kind of financial assistance will help to bring about a sense of closure to those families who have been afflicted by the violence. It will also be of great consolation to the PNP-SAF divisions who are smarting from their loss from the Mamasapano incident.

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