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Misleading Effect of Sex in Advertising


The topic of sex pops up quite frequently in advertising, as marketers believe that the cheesecake boosts sales. Mention the frivolous topic undoubtedly increases the interest to the blog articles and advertising in the media, but the viewer's attention does not focus on the advertised product in such cases.

Misleading Effect of Sex in Advertising

Sex in advertising involves the use of sexual or erotic images, pictures in advertising to generate interest in a specific product for sale. A characteristic feature of sex in advertising is the lack of communication between the advertised product and used images, such as a beautiful woman, for example.
The purpose of sexual imagery in advertising is to attract the attention of potential consumers or users of services. The type of sexual images in advertising may be wide, but the images themselves can only be presumed sexual. The modern advertising of consumer goods (in magazines, on television, and so on) sex is presented in a large number of promotional products brands.

Using sexual themes reduces the effectiveness of advertising, said Brad Bushman, professor of psychology of communication at Ohio State University, co-author of the study, which analyzed the results of 53 previous experiments on the subject.

The findings have been published in the journal Psychological Bulletin. The authors say that a more neutral topics work better for marketing. "Themes of sex and violence in commercials whether hurt someone's feelings, or simply do not generate the desired effect", - says Bushman.

The research has shown that brands, advertised in the context of violence, will be remembered less often, judged less favorably and are less likely that consumers make a choice in their favor. Sexual topics do not have a strong negative impact on sales, yet they will not make much success, say the authors.
Company MediaAnalyzer Software & Research conducted a study some time ago. According to information received, strong sexual component of visual advertising leads to the fact that men remember the name of the advertised brand by 50% worse than in the case when it comes to the usual non-sexual advertisements. This is obliged to the fact that in such cases, sexual component rather than the product itself attract people’s attention.

Bushman said that the results of his own early studies found no significant differences in how men and women react to various themes in advertising. Although, in general, the study found that violence and sex has a greater effect on men. Some advertisers have already made the appropriate conclusions and adjust promotional strategies, he says.

For example, the presidential campaign of Barack Obama in 2008 was advertised on gaming portals, but was not shown on sites with threads of violent or sexual nature. Wal-Mart Stores Inc., the world's largest retailer, conducted its own research showing that advertising was 18% more effective when placed in a "family" media.

source: dailymail.co.uk

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