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Russian Planes Fighting Isis in Syria Violates Turkish Airspace, Draws TANO & US Ire


Russian Planes Fighting Isis in Syria Violates Turkish Airspace, Draws TANO & US Ire
Russia came under strong condemnation from Nato and the US alleging that one of the Russian fighter planes taking part in air attacks in Syria crossed the Turkish frontier while apparently flying a sortie over Syria.
This incident has the potential of further inflaming tensions days after Russia's military intervention began. 
An emergency meeting of the ambassadors from the 28 Nato member states was held in Brussels to respond to and discuss the air space violation by Russian planes. The secretary general of Nato, Jens Stoltenberg termed the violations as an “unacceptable violations of Turkish airspace” by a Russian jet.
“Allies also note the extreme danger of such irresponsible behaviour. They call on the Russian Federation to cease and desist, and immediately explain these violations,” Nato said in a statement after the meeting.
While the Russia’s defence ministry admitted to the incident and said that measures had been taken to prevent a repeat of such incidents, it informed that  an SU-30 fighter aircraft had entered Turkish airspace “for a few seconds” on Saturday because of bad weather.
There was strong protest from Ankara about the incident which summoned the Russian ambassador to lodge the protest with Russia. Turkey made it clear that Russia would be blamed for any further escalation and urged Moscow to ensure there would be no repeat of the incident.
A formal protest was lodged by Turkey with Sergei Lavrov, the Russian foreign minister, and said it would consult its Nato allies about the implications of the incident.
At the time of the incident, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the Turkish president, was in Brussels for talks with the EU about the continuing crisis of Syrian civilians fleeing the war and heading to Europe.
While saying that Moscow had said the incursion into Turkish airspace was a mistake, Ahmet Davutoğlu, the Turkish prime minister said the Russian intervention risked escalating the conflict in Syria.
 “What we have received from Russia this morning is [an admission] that this was a mistake and that they respect Turkey’s borders and this will not happen again. Necessary steps would be taken against whoever violates Turkey’s borders,” Davutoğlu was quoted as saying by local media.
The US, which has been criticizing the Russian view of the Syrian crisis, too reacted sternly. The incident could have led to Turkey shooting down the Russian plane, warned the US secretary of state, John Kerry.  
Russia’s incursion into Turkish airspace is reckless and worrying, said Richard Moore, the UK’s ambassador to Turkey.

“We’re very concerned about it ... and it is precisely the kind of thing we warned about,” he told reporters. He added that Russia had a responsibility to act within international standards.
“Russia’s incursion into Turkish airspace is reckless and worrying. UK, and its other Nato allies, stand shoulder to shoulder with Turkey,” he added.
 “Russia’s actions are not contributing to the security and stability of the region. I call on Russia to fully respect Nato airspace and to avoid escalating tensions,” Stoltenberg, who met Davutoğlu said.
The Russian government informed that it was looking into reports of the violation of airspace.

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