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2019 A Record Breaking Year For Porsche Sale


2019 A Record Breaking Year For Porsche Sale
2019 has been a very good year for the German high-performance car manufacturer Porsche. The company has said that the last year was one in which the company sold record number of its cars world wide.
More than 280,800 vehicles were delivered to its customers in 2019 by the company which was 10 per cent greater in number compared to the figure a year earlier, said the Volkswagen-owned brand.
Europe was the market where the company recorded the largest growth in sale as it sold and delivered 88,975 vehicles more to its customers of the continent which was 15 per cent higher than what the company had managed ot do a in the previous year.
The United States and China are the two largest markets of the company. The company reported a 7 per cent growth in sale of its vehicles in the US with it delivering 61,568 vehicles while it reported a 8 per cent growh tin deliveries in the Chinese market where it delivered 87,752 vehicles.
“Consequently, the sports car manufacturer defied the trend towards a weakening overall economic climate in both markets,” Porsche said in a statement Monday.
The company also reported growth in other parts of the world as well. The company reported a 7 per cent year on year growth in sale and deliveries in the Asia-Pacific, Africa and Middle East regions for 2019 with it delivering a total of 16,458 Porsche vehicles to customers in these markets.
The company noted that Cayenne and Macan —both sports utility vehicles (SUVs) manufactured by the company, were the two models that drove the growth of the company’s sale in 2019. An increase of 29 per cent year on year growth was reported by the company in 2019 in the sale and delivery of the Cayenne at 92,055 vehicles worldwide.
The consumer preference for the SUV since at least 2013 has been driving the sale of the company on a consistent basis, showed data revealed by Porsche.
The company is also set to unveil its all-electric Taycan in 2020 that is positioned to rival the cars of the United States based Tesla. The basic model of Taycan is designed to reach a top speed of 155 miles per hour with a range of 253 miles while the car was initially designed to be a 4-door saloon.
However those car features are dwarfed by the capabilities of a Tesla Model S. Porsche however is also going to make available customized upgrades.
The basic Porsche Taycan model is priced at $103,800 in the United States while a “Performance Battery Plus model” will start at $110,380.
“Full order books for the Taycan,” looks set to help maintain sales momentum, Detlev von Platen, member of the Executive Board for Sales and Marketing at Porsche, said in a statement.