Daily Management Review

A marriage between economic sustainability and Spirituality


Our current path of exploiting Nature’s bounty will only ensure the end of our species on this planet. The only way to survive, as a specie is to synthesize and harmonize our needs for our existence with that of Mother Nature.

As human beings, our existence on this planet, is on many levels that once you become aware of it, it can seem a bit confusing. Each one is carry within ourselves our own mythological, philosophical, rational, and socio-economic models and cultures that can be almost impossible to harmonize and synthesize. The core of all these cultures and believes come from essentially two questions who are we and why are we here. The acceptance that sustainability is the key to survival as a species is only gradually dawning on us now.
The materialistic angle of life has had its day in the sun. A new perspective is gradually dawning on us wherein we recognize the need for diversity and reciprocity; we are only just beginning to understand interrelatedness of the world in which we live in. The illusion that everything is separate from one another, this misconception of separateness is outdated, it’s just the product of a corrupting mind.
Quantum Science now confirms an all-pervasive presence that permeates all: a presence that flows through our reality which is the source of life itself, a source of all energies. Essentially there is no matter, there is no space, everything that we can see, experience and think, everything that this universe of made up of, is essentially forms of energy. One that spawns from itself, it is the source of its birth as well as its passing, its response tangible energies takes shape from an intangible source.
In this quantum world, the very idea of separate existence, that is natural to our world, is moot. There is only a dance of reciprocal receptivity and responsiveness. In the scientific community, this world is referred to sometimes as the quantum vacuum, or bio-force, zero point energy, or as the life-force energy.
Like many of his peers, Gregory Bateson, an anthropologist, knew that our materialistic sense of separation drives our profit motives and breeds an ‘ecology of bad ideas’, wherein our delusional sense of separate existence, lures and compels us with its sharp corrupting logic, holds us by our hand and leads us down the path of carcinogenic existence. What follows is only but natural i.e., a contagion of debt fueled by rampant consumerism, dominated by diabolical socio-economic culture of psychic atrophy.
Today, we are at the ebb-jet of a predominantly materialistic world, yawning into a larger, greater perspective that takes its inspirations from our collective ancient wisdom and blends, nurtures and support it with an increasing amount of awareness in all forms of our socio-economic life be it cultural or scientific.

We have forgotten to tune ourselves with Nature’s means and ways, the light of its wisdom does not cast itself on our economic thought. Nature’s cherished gifts have been left out at the door while our self-centered tendencies occupy our throne.

The need of the hour is clear, change ourselves, change our way of thinking and being. We need to synthesize both hemispheres of our brains, align our heart, mind, body and soul and open ourselves to the deep wisdom of things. Recognize the reciprocity of life and not just its dominance, its synchronicity is as important as its separateness, empathy and balance is far more harmonious than extremism and egotism, and materialism does not mean an absence of spiritualism.
The need of the hour is to be receptivity. Receptivity comes from stillness. Stillness does not necessarily mean sitting idle. It means learning how to keep your mind quiet, normally it is a bazaar of passing thoughts. Contemplating on stillness will to an extend give you access to a higher form of action. Lao Tzu puts it in a very apt manner:
The Master does nothing, yet leaves nothing undone.’ 
The path to sustainability lies in following Nature’s wisdom.