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AB InBev’s Piled Up Alcohol Is ‘Too Good to Waste’


Residual alcohol to find place in environment friendly detergent of Ecover.

Soon our dish washer detergent could carry “leftover alcohol” as suggested by the “world’s largest brewer” and an “environmentally friendly detergent firm”.  Anheuser-Busch InBev faced a problem with leftover alcohol that comes out of beer for more and more customers showed interest in “alcohol-free lager” as the “demand for healthier drinks” seems to be on the rise.
As a result, the company struck a deal with Ecover, a Belgium based company, to develop a “dishwashing liquid” which will contain one forth contents from “zero-alcohol versions of the Leffe and Jupiler beer brands”. In the words of the “innovation and technology director” Europe at AB InBev, David De Schutter:
“The brewery was asking us what can we do with the alcohol, because it’s piling up, it’s a large quantity, that’s why we were looking for partners”.
Furthermore, the company plans on spreading the same practice across the globe, as the residual alcohol could be used as an “active cleaning and preservative component”. The same is first extracted and then cleaned before sending over to Ecover who will use the same in its detergent named “Too Good to Waste”.
Moreover, AB InBev is also on the lookout of “other waste” that could be reused and it is eyeing the spent grains for its “next big” project of reusing and recycling. According to Reuters:
“Most of the 1.3 million tonnes it produces per year worldwide is currently used as cattle feed. But it said it had potential partners in the pipeline and was looking into turning it into a plant-based meat substitute for humans”.