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Acer's profit in 2017 reaches seven-year high


Acer presented the results of the 2017 financial year and the fourth quarter of 2017 approved by the Board of Directors. The data presented is demonstrating the company's desire to optimize existing processes and invest in the future of personal computers and new business directions.

lingolook via flickr
lingolook via flickr
Acer reported a consolidated revenue of 237.28 billion Taiwan dollars for the full 2017, which is 2% higher than last year. Gross profit amounted to 25.36 billion Taiwan dollars with the highest for 14 years margin - 10.7%. Operating profit peaked in the last 7 years, to 3.67 billion Taiwan dollars with a margin of 1.5%, which is three times more than a year earlier. Net profit amounted to 2.82 billion Taiwan dollars, earnings per share - 0.93 Taiwan dollars.

In the fourth quarter of 2017, Acer demonstrated consolidated revenues of $ 67.04 billion in Taiwan dollars, an increase of 8.7% year-on-year. Gross profit reached 7.15 billion Taiwan dollars with a margin of 10.7%. Operating income reached 1.29 billion Taiwan dollars with a margin of 1.9%, the highest over the past 7 years. Net profit for the fourth quarter of 2017 amounted to 1.06 billion Taiwan dollars, earnings per share - 0.35 Taiwan dollars.

In 2017, Acer registered 380 technology patents, ranking among the top five Taiwanese companies with the largest number of new patents. The company demonstrates a commitment to expanding the range of its products in all markets and conquering new segments.

In an effort to ensure a uniform distribution of funds among shareholders, the Board of Directors approved the payment of dividends in the amount of 0.7 Taiwan dollars per share from net profit. Acer will hold an annual general meeting on June 15, 2018 in Taipei.

Acer, founded in 1976, specializes in the provision of IT services and the production of hardware and software. The company is among the six leading world manufacturers of personal computers, and also produces displays, projectors, servers, tablets, smartphones and wearable devices. The firm employs 7 thousand people.

source: bloomberg.com

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