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Agreement Between Apple And Salesforce Will Give Siri To More Biz Apps


Agreement Between Apple And Salesforce Will Give Siri To More Biz Apps
Salesforce.com would be helped by Apple Inc to imbibe more of the features of Apple such as its Siri voice assistant into the mobile apps of Salesforce according to a proposed partnership between the two companies. The apps of Salesforce are used widely by the sales and marketing firms.
On the other hand, software tools would be developed by Salesforce that would allow large businesses which make use of the back-end technology of the company for running of their won apps., would be able to create better products that have specific features to go with iPhones and iPads.
Third-party software developers are integral to the ecosystems of both Apple and Salesforce. There are about 20 million developers who develop software for Apple devices and most of such software is completely customer focused. On the other hand, there are about 5 million software developers of Salesforce who make use of the back-end systems of the company to develop business applications. This is a market segment that is a part of the focus of Apple and it is slowly moving into the segment via deals with International Business Machines (IBM), Cisco Systems and Accenture.
The partnership between the two companies would benefit a salesperson because he or she would now be able to make use of Siri for updating customer’s record with notes soon after a meeting and or be able to identify an issue with customer service so that support team is able to follow-up on it. In addition, a large number of data-entry jobs can be shortened using Siri.
“If you look at enterprise in general, voice has not been used as much as in consumer,” Apple CEO Tim Cook told Reuters in an interview. “We’re going to be able to provide the sales rep instant access to things using your voice instead of clicks and going through different apps. We’re changing the way people work, and that’s always been at the heart of what Apple is about - changing things for the better.”
Salesforce will develop software that would help firms which make use of the firm’s backend systems to be able to use Apple-specific features like Siri in a better manner.
Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff told in a media interview that demonstration of a system that uses Salesforce and Apple tools by Marriott International which would allow guests of the hotel – with the help of Siri, to turn up the heat or order some snacks or hail a ride. Siri would be available on an Apple HomePod in their hotel room. Further Siri would also remember and recollect the preferences of the guests. The demonstration is to be made at the annual general meeting of Salesforce.
“I don’t think I’ve met with a single customer in the world that doesn’t want me to help them do more with Tim’s products,” Benioff said Cook and Apple in the media interview.