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AirHelp expects up to 33 th of cancellations and flight delays per day all over the world in 2019


According to forecasts of the AirHelp service, this year more than 12 million flights will be delayed or canceled in the world, that is, about 33 thousand flights a day, which to some extent will affect 2 billion passengers. Among the reasons for the continuing growth of delays and cancellations is the increase in passenger traffic against the background of such negative factors as lack of pilots, strikes and congestion of airports.

#96 via flickr
#96 via flickr
2019 may be a record year in terms of the number of canceled and delayed flights. According to forecasts of the AirHelp service, which helps passengers to seek compensation from airlines, this year their number could grow to 33 thousand per day, or more than 12 million for the whole year. In total, over the year more than 2 billion people will face problems in connection with various obstacles, from 15-minute delays to hours-long delays and cancellations, of which 11 million passengers will suffer from problems for which they are compensated in accordance with European standards. Last year has already shown a record for this indicator: according to estimates of AirHelp, more than 10 million people suffered during the year.

According to AirHelp, among the reasons for the increase in the number of delays and cancellations is the increase in the number of air passengers against the background of a shortage of pilots, staff strikes and congestion of airports, which they are not ready to cope with.

“The situation is uncertain because of the exit of the UK from the European Union, the threat of regular strikes, lack of pilots and air traffic controllers and overloaded schedule at most of the largest airports in Europe. Travelers should get ready for the fact that in 2019 many flights can be delayed,” said Henrik Zillmer, head of AirHelp. According to him, in the face of continued growth in air travel, airlines and airports need to take action, that is, to create new and expand old runways, build new terminals, better monitor compliance with the flight schedule, improve working conditions and hire new employees.

source: airhelp.com