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Airbnb Introduces Trips, While The Fight Against Present Rental Law Continues


Leaving behind most hotel companies, Airbnb now attempts to turn into a travel company.

Airbnb’s attempt to convert the “booking service” facility into a “travel company” has resulted in the launch of a “new programme”, named Trips, whereby marking the biggest growth venture made by the company within its eight years’ journey when it began as a “peer-to-peer property rental service”.
The C.E.O of Airbnb, Brian Chesky, presented the programme before the crowd at the “three day event in Los Angeles”. He also announced that Trips will give an opportunity to the travellers for creating “itineraries for hours or days” leading in to provide a “more authentic local experience”. In Chesky’s words:
“If you want to travel, you basically end up on a research project. We want to fix this”.
However, BBC’s example for Trips was of a “guided tour from a prison warden who was tasked with keeping watch over Nelson Mandela at his prison cell”. “US- Detroit, Los Angeles, Miami and San Francisco”, along with “Cape Town, Florence, Havana, London, Nairobi, Paris, Seoul and Tokyo” will now be able to avail an upgraded version of Airbnb app that incorporates Trips’ service.
Moreover, within the coming fifty years’ time, the number of cities availing Trips service will only increase. It is said that the said venture could possibly allow the company to “justify its $30bn valuation” which leaves behind most of the “hotel companies”. As per Reuters’ report:
“The service comes as the company faces regulatory restrictions around the world with cities like Amsterdam, berlin and New York working to limit the short term rentals due to its negative effect on the supply of housing in tight rental markets”.
Andrew Cuomo, New York’s Governor, has “signed a law” whereby introducing “new regulations on online home rental companies”, the likes of Airbnb. Reports have it that, Airbnb is “trying to fight” the current law which does not allow the “apartment owners” in New York to rent out their flats for period shorter than a month when the owner is not in the town.