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Alleged Acceleration Issue With Its Cars Strongly Denied By Tesla


Alleged Acceleration Issue With Its Cars Strongly Denied By Tesla
Claims that some of the Tesla cars were experiencing bouts of sudden acceleration in the United States have been strongly rejected by the electric car maker.
Last week, there were reports that more than 100 Tesla owners had signed a petition making claims of sudden acceleration in their vehicles which had resulted in more than 110 crashes and causing 52 injuries. The allegations were leveled against Tesla’s Model S, the Model X, and the Model 3 vehicles.
The United States the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is currently reviewing the complaints before deciding on whether the complaints were worthy of launching a formal defect investigation.
Tesla insisted that “there is no ‘unintended acceleration’ in Tesla vehicles,” and described the petition and complains as being “completely false”, said Elon Musk-owned company, in a strongly worded statement issued on Monday.
The petition had been brought by a short-seller – share traders who make profits when the stock price of a company falls, Tesla said. This aspect was also reported in the media when the news of the filing of the petition emerged last week.
Over the past several years, the company had held discussions with the NHTSA “the majority of the complaints alleged in the petition”, Tesla said and added that its attitude has always been transparent while dealing with the agency. The company also said that it had been able to ascertain that the operations of the cars were according to their design in every case where Tesla had been able to gain data about the vehicles. That meant that Tesla claimed that its cars in question had accelerated when the driver pressed the accelerator and slowed when the brakes were hit.
Experts say that one of the well-documented driving errors is accidental application of the accelerator. For example, following a spate of accidents caused by the error, the issue has gained much attention in Japan. In most of the cases in Japan, the incidents involved elderly people at the wheel. Accelerator pedals are also known to get pressed down because of sliding floor mats which was the reason that Toyota had to recall several million of its vehicles in 2009.
In the petition filed with the NHTSA, the Tesla owners have requested the agency to recall about Tesla 500,000 cars manufactured between 2012 and 2019. That accounts for almost all the vehicles that the company had manufactured till now.
According to a report published by Consumer Reports, a Henderson, Nevada resident had complained in the petition of two incidents of unintended acceleration within a period of just three months.  According ot reports in the media, one of the Tesla owners complained that there was an incident of sudden and unintended acceleration when the owner was trying to park his Model S when there allegedly was an “uncontrollable acceleration” in the vehicle resulting in it crashing and a cracked rib of the owner. There was property damage with $18,000 due to the crash.
It will be incumbent upon Tesla to quickly see off the issue irrespective of what was the actual cause of the unexpected accelerations. Till now, no timeline for its preliminary investigation into the issue has also been offered by the NHTSA.