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Amazon’s Sale Benefit Amid Coronavirus Outbreak, Warehouse Workers Receive Pay Hike


Within a week’s time Amazon raised the pay roll’s margin twice for its warehouse workers.

In an attempt to meet the growing demand for online shopping as more and more people stuck at home due to coronavirus breakdown opt to shop online, Amazon.com Inc has announced that the company will be increasing the overtime payments bar for the associates who are working in the U.S. warehouses.
According to the announcement, the hourly workers will be getting double pay after they complete their forty hours’ time. This will be valid from the period starting from March 15 till May 9. Employees were told by Amazon:
“We understand the past few weeks has been a very challenging time. We want to continue to support you during this time where many services you might depend on are no longer available due to closures.”
Within a week’s time the company raised the pay roll’s margin twice. Initially, hourly working rates were raised by $2 while Amazon made an announcement of hiring “100,000 warehouse and delivery workers in the United States” to address the growing demand. Furthermore, “all part- and full-time hourly team members at Whole Foods Market stores and facilities” will be given double pay for every “overtime hour worked” in comparison to their regular “hourly base rate”. This will be effective from “March 16 through May 3, 2020”.
Companies are urged to protect their workers especially the ones working in “warehouses and grocery stores” as they risk their health for supplying the essential items of Americans who are staying at home. Amazon also told its employees:
“We continue to see increased demand from customers to have products delivered to support social distancing in their communities. Making that possible means that some of us must work to keep good flowing.”
Moreover, Amazon is also giving “unlimited unpaid time off” to employees who “don’t feel well” besides encouraging them to stay home. Furthermore, the company has also “staggered workers shifts”, while sitting next to each other for lunch has been prohibited. In fact, last Thursday, the company reported its first coronavirus positive case among its warehouse workers, whereby being forced to shut down one of New York warehouses temporarily.