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Apple, Google come up with COVID-19 spread tracking app


According to the developers, the application will not use geolocation, but will work via Bluetooth. The corporations say healthcare authorities will be responsible for launching it.

Erik (HASH) Hersman
Erik (HASH) Hersman
On Monday, May 4, American corporations Apple and Google presented details regarding a special application for tracking the spread of coronavirus. According to the developers, the software will not use geolocation data, but will be able to work using the technology of Bluetooth wireless personal networks. In addition, it does not imply the use of user data for targeted advertising.

The application will be programmed so that all mobile phones that were next to the user's device, which later became known that he was infected, received a special push notification.

Health authorities will be responsible for the launch

During the press conference, representatives of Google and Apple explained that they provide only the "technical basis" necessary to create the application, as well as recommendations on its interface and design. At the same time, the healthcare authorities in individual countries will be responsible for launching the software.

At the same time, particular institutes which took up this task were not announced. In addition, it was not specified what government agencies - in the US or abroad - asked corporations to submit their design proposals.

As expected, the application is designed for smartphones running on iOS and Android. Its use is planned on a voluntary basis.

source: dw.de