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Bank of Japan board member announces readiness for further policy mitigation amid rising risks


Bank of Japan board member Takako Masai said the central bank would not hesitate to soften policy if the momentum to achieve a 2% inflation target is lost, Reuters reports.

"Recently, I have been worried that prices will be negatively impacted amid significant downside risks associated with foreign economies," said Masai, speaking to business leaders in Tsu (Mie Prefecture).

"I intend to continue pursuing a monetary policy in an appropriate manner to achieve the goal of price stability, taking into account all the possible negative and positive consequences from all sides," she added.

The Bank of Japan, following a meeting last week, left the monetary policy unchanged, but signaled the possibility of expanding incentives.

The Bank of Japan said it has four instruments to ease monetary policy: further lowering negative rates, lowering the target for 10-year bond yields, boosting asset purchases and speeding up money printing.

Inflation in Japan remains well below the target 2% level, despite years of massive monetary stimulus.

Last month, the annual core inflation in the country was updated in at least two years. Consumer prices excluding the cost of fresh food (a key inflation indicator tracked by the Bank of Japan) in August rose by 0.5% in annual terms after growing by 0.6% a month earlier.

source: reuters.com