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Belarus Gets Restricted Access In NATO Headquarter


Earlier there was a proposal of suspending Belarus’ “bilateral NATO cooperation”’

Minsk had to carry out an emergency landing of a passenger plane, following which the latter’s “Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg” informed that Belarusians will have restricted access at NATO’s headquarters.
Even though Belarus shares a military alliance with NATO since 1992 following the Soviet Union’s fall, the former is not a NATO member yet has kept a “diplomatic mission to NATO since 1998”. People of Belarus can, however, be part of meetings “at NATO” as well as “in NATO countries” under a “cooperation partnership” tackling matters like “arms control and military education”.
In a press conference, Stoltenberg simply informed without any details:
“We have decided to restrict the access of Belarusian personnel to the NATO headquarters”.
The above mentioned emergency landing of a “Ryanair flight” travelling from “Athens to Vilnius” took place earlier in the month. The forced landing by Belarus was for arresting a “dissident journalist” which in fact outraged the West.
Moreover, earlier there was a proposal of suspending Belarus’ “bilateral NATO cooperation” which in other words is called the “Partnership for Peace”. Nevertheless, the diplomats did not take up the issue as Turkey expressed dissent towards it fearing to ruffle Russia’s feather as it happens to be “Minsk's closest ally”.