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Biden hopes Senate will introduce southern border bill as early as this week


According to Bloomberg, U.S. President Joe Biden voiced optimism that the Senate will be able to create a package on the southern border that will appeal to both Democrats and Republicans next week.

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Defense Visual Information Distribution
Concurrently, at a mayors' conference, the President announced that he would back a deal that incorporates "significant policy changes on the border, including changes to our asylum system to make sure we have the authorities we need to control the border."

"I'm prepared to take action," said Biden. "Are the House Republicans and Speaker prepared to take action as well?"

According to reports, Republicans in the US Congress are demanding harsher immigration laws in return for their backing of a $110 billion package that includes money for Israel and Ukraine's military assistance.

Regarding Republicans, the head of the White House stated, "They have to decide whether they want to solve the problem or continue to use it as a weapon to score political points against the President."

source: bloomberg.com