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Big Plans Rolled Out By Global Automakers For The U.S. Autonomous Vehicle Market


Big Plans Rolled Out By Global Automakers For The U.S. Autonomous Vehicle Market
Plans about how they want to roll out autonomous vehicles for the U.S. market within the next 5 odd years were shared by major automakers from all over the world at the ongoing North American International Auto Show (NAIAS).
General Motors could be the first automaker in the world to roll out the first completely autonomous car as announced by it, by 2019 when the company intends to mass produce such cars. There would be no manual driving controls and no steering wheel, gas or brake pedals in the company’s Cruise AV model.
The Cruise AV "will comply with federal safety laws" and requests a waiver for laws that cannot be met because they are "human-driver-based-requirements," GM said in a petition filed by the company with the Department of Transportation kin the United States.
Despite the fact that the Cruise AV is planned not have any human controlling handles in it, users would be allowed to bring the car to a halt in case they sense an emergency by making a stop request. The automaker says that the self-driving car would then pull up to the side of the road as and when it gets the first opportunity to do so after such a request is detected.
In addition to a Level 5 self-driving car later on, a Level 3 self-driving car is being planned to be released by BMW in 2021.
There would be requirement for driver intervention in the level 3 cars eve though most of the basic driving tasks would be handled by such a car. On the other hand, a level 5 autonomous car would entail total vehicle autonomy and there would be no driver intervention.
Fiat Chrysler (FCA) has struck up an alliance with BMW on development off self-driving vehicles and the two automakers together are sharing engineering and other technical expertise with each other. "In order to advance autonomous driving technology, it is vital to form partnerships among automakers, technology providers and suppliers," FCA CEO Sergio Marchionne said in a press release.
Fords Motors Company is also planning to be part of the autonomous vehicle bandwagon with a self-driving vehicle planned to be released in 2021 to be part of a ride hailing and ride sharing and delivery fleet. Autonomy, connectivity, mobility, customer experience, and analytics are the areas that Ford Smart Mobility plans to lead in. The planned vehicle would not be equipped with any steering wheel as well as gas or brake pedals.
A level 4 vehicle is being planed by Ford that would be highly automated and would not require any human intervention. The company said it will also invest in research in advanced algorithms, 3D mapping, radar technology, and camera sensors.
Ford and pizza delivery company Dominos have together created an autonomous vehicle already.  Tests for the vehicle have bene undergoing in the Michigan city of Ann Arbor since last summer.
"We've been working on autonomous vehicles since 2005, 2006 for the DARPA challenges," Wayne Williams, an autonomous vehicle engineer at Ford told Xinhua. "That was Ford's first foray into AVs. The testing for delivery is brand new. That started last summer."

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