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Bill Gates will give almost his entire fortune to charity


Bill Gates declared that he would donate practically all of his wealth to charity, making him no longer one of the world's richest people. According to Forbes, his wealth exceeds $120 billion.

Sebastian Derungs
Sebastian Derungs
Bill Gates declared his intention to give up "nearly all" of his wealth. He declared that the funds would be donated to a nonprofit he co-directs with his ex-wife, Melinda Gates.

He announced on Twitter that he "will drop [in the rankings] and finally slip off the list of the richest persons in the world."

By 2026, the foundation's yearly spending will have increased to $9 billion as a result of Gates' plan, according to which he give the organization $20 billion in a one-time donation over the following month. With its current budget of $6 billion, the foundation aims to eradicate diseases, reduce infant mortality, and advance gender equality.

Gates stated that the COVID-19 epidemic is still ongoing and that its dynamics are "worse than people imagine" in an interview with Forbes USA. The same was said regarding the political climate, the global economic downturn, and the situation in Ukraine. According to him, people have begun to question "whether the world is meant to get much worse" as a result of recent global defeats.

source: forbes.com