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Bitfury Constructs The ‘Largest Immersion Cooling’ System With 3M Novec Fluid


Bitfury uses the 3M Novec fuild in the largest immersion cooling system in the world that is in the making.

The Bitfury Group is constructing the “most powerful two-phase immersion cooling” system in the world, which is presently “underway in the Republic of Georgia”. The said cooling system will be dispatched at “a 40+ MW data center”.
The system has been designed and constructed by Allied Control which is an “engineering company” based at Hong Kong. The project will involve “3M™ Novec™ 7100 Engineered Fluid” along with “an immersion coolant” which is potentially low on global warming aspects. The 2PIC, Allied Control has proven to be a pioneer in its own field whereby showing great ways for data centres to boost their efficiency.
However, BitFury Group has recently, bought over Allied Control. The former is an important “Bitcoin Blockchain infrastructure provider” which also processes the transaction of companies along with building “its own fully custom Application Specific Integrated Circuits”, besides servers, data centres and PCBs. BitFury aims to consume renewable energy for all its operation purposes needed to run its business. The company also maintains its commitments even in the “smallest carbon footprint” area possible.
From here on, BitFury will promote the “award- winning 2PIC technology” that has been developed by Allied Control with the help of Novec fluid. The said work was carried out in the data centre of Georgia which will be deploying:
“28 nm and 16 nm ASICs more efficiently, saving energy and lowering operational costs while meeting goals of net carbon neutrality”.
Allied Control’s operational Vice President, Kar-Wing Lau states:
“With 250 KW per rack and not having reached the limits yet, we now have the ability to grow quickly and spread the cost of the cooling system over many hardware generations”.
3M has been maintaining a “leadership position” when it comes to immersion cooling system. Within the past “five years” one has seen the various usage of the “3M engineered fluids” for cooling servers, whereby a number of technologies were developed while numerous “ambitious deployments” earned the recognition “for best in class energy efficiency”.
According to BusinessWire:
“2PIC involves placing hardware in an accessible tank of fluid coolant with a low boiling point, such as Novec 7100 fluid (61°C/142°F). As the hardware heats up in the tank, it boils the Novec fluid, and this change in state pulls the heat away from the components. The Novec fluid becomes a vapor, rises, condenses on a water-cooled condenser coil and falls back into the tank without the use of pumps. The streamlined system can deliver as much as 95 percent cooling energy savings with minimal fluid loss”.
2PIC has the capacity to create “densely packed circuit boards” which demonstrate high performance especially during the “overlocking”. Consequently, 2PIC fits in perfectly for “blockchain transaction processing”, wherein industries need to process power that grows “at unprecedented rates”.
In the words of the C.E.O of BitFury, Valery Vavilov:
“The PUE we’ve achieved leads us to the next level of data center cooling for high performance computing. We’ve taken many steps to optimize our infrastructure for securing the blockchain and blockchain transaction processing that have led us to many different technological innovations. These experiences and technologies could be useful for next generation data center constructions of high performance computing and supercomputing."