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Bloomberg: TikTok boosts Chinese agriculture


Live TikTok broadcasts by farmers in China's remote provinces have boosted the country's agricultural sales many times over. Bloomberg writes that consumer loyalty was won by the charisma of the sellers and the transparency of the production stages.

According to a report by Douyin (the Chinese equivalent of TikTok from the same creator), short videos and interactive live broadcasts helped farmers increase their profits 15-fold in a year.

The pandemic has forced 23 million jobless Chinese to return from the city to the countryside. During the lockdown, people cooked more often as demand for fresh food increased but it became harder to get. Social media have come to the rescue, offering small-scale farmers a simple way to become successful entrepreneurs.

In the past year, China has seen six times as many agricultural bloggers with more than ten thousand subscribers as in 2019-2020. Internet sales experts and popular farmers themselves attribute the demand and effectiveness of such content to the nostalgia of urban dwellers for nature, their mistrust of the quality of products from large retailers and the pleasure of observing the life of the average villager. Consumers now have the opportunity to see with their own eyes all the stages of growing fruit or vegetables, from sowing to tasting the harvest.

Farmers rely on the logistics departments of major e-commerce players such as JD Logistics or Alibaba's Cainiao to deliver their produce so that they do not have to recoup the cost of spoiled goods in transit themselves. However, the benefits of the number of orders and a loyal customer base more than cover the transport costs.

source: bloomberg.com