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Boeing 737 Max Is Still On Lufthansa’s Purchase Options


Lufthansa has not lost “trust in Boeing”.

The chief executive of Deutsche Lufthansa AG, Carsten Spohr, revealed about the company’s purchase plans, whereby the company is looking into “a triple-digit number” option of either “Boeing 737 MAX or Airbus A320neo jetliners” which will be used to replace its fleet of jets.
Earlier this month, Boeing took in heavy grounding for the aircraft’s “worldwide fleet” following two deadly crashes of 737 MAX; however, Spohr’s words to the reporters in a meeting were that:
“We have not lost our trust in Boeing.
“They’ve built wonderful aircraft over the decades, and I am sure they will fix the current issue”.
According to Spohr, Lufthansa will mostly be making its decision by next year looking into the narrow body of “737 or A320”. Currently, the fleet does not have any “737 MAX planes in its fleet or on order”. The fleet will be replacing its “Airbus A319 and Bombardier CRJ planes”. Furthermore, Spohr also mentioned that regulators whether in “Europe and elsewhere” may become strict while scrutinising the Boeing 777X aircraft for certification.
Nevertheless, he did not clarify about the duration it might take to receive the permission from the regulators to restore the flying of “737 MAX” after the two crash incidents that occurred in “Indonesia and Ethiopia” claiming “346 lives”.
Although, he added that Boeing and the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration will resolve any issues while he also pointed out that there is a “strong trend” observed in “summer bookings”, which is an indication that “air travel demand” is still going strong.
In Sophr’s words:
“Between Boeing and the FAA, I think this country will not rest until you have gone to the ground of what really happened there and is there something to improve.”