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Boeing loses right to issue certificates for 737 MAX in USA


The US Federal Civil Aviation Agency will remain the only agency eligible to certify the aircraft.

Steve Lynes
Steve Lynes
“The public and safety interests in the aviation trade are requiring the management to retain the authority to issue airworthiness certificates and export airworthiness certificates for all 737 MAX aircraft,” the FAA letter to Boeing said on November 26.

Earlier, the agency was engaged in certification of liners together with the aircraft manufacturer. This was the reason for the scandal and the fall of the company's shares. Experts from a number of investment banks lowered their forecasts and recommendations on Boeing shares after information appeared about possible violations in the initial certification of Boeing 737 Max aircraft at the US Federal Aviation Administration.

The FAA letter states that Boeing will not be eligible for certification until the management is fully confident that the company "has functional quality control and verification processes." However, other Boeing procedures must also comply with all regulatory standards.

In addition, the management noted that it did not complete the study of changes in the design of the 737 MAX aircraft and the related training of pilots.

source: businessinsider.com