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Brett Gorvy, on Navigating New Realities as Gallerist


We talked to Brett Gorvy, the co-founder of Lévy Gorvy, former Christie’s Chairman, and Instagram sensation, about the changing horizons of today’s art market, the gallery’s forward-thinking approach with pop-ups, artists and new technologies, and his own collecting habits.

by Mala Yamey

rett Gorvy © Farzad Owrang, photograph courtesy of Lévy Gorvy
rett Gorvy © Farzad Owrang, photograph courtesy of Lévy Gorvy
Starting as an art journalist, how did you get involved with the art market, and how do you carry forward that experience to your role now as dealer and gallery founder?
Brett Gorvy.
 I went to interview Hugues Joffre, who at that stage was head of Contemporary Art at Sotheby’s, about the drop in the contemporary art market in the early 90s and he offered me a job. I had earlier on actually applied for an auction house job and I’d been turned down. It was ironic that a couple of years later I was being offered a job to be head of the department. I had no experience, other than my parents are collectors, so it was part of what I was accustomed to but I had no pricing or trading experience. Read more