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Britain To Maintain EU freedoms For The Membership, Announced Juncker


British government will have to “respect” key freedom issues of EU, says Juncker.

Juncker is to seek “fair deal” with Britain which was clearly stated by him on Wednesday. The president of European Commision, Jean-Claude Juncker is ready to negotiate with Britain whereby the latter can retain a “continued EU membership” provided it decides to “maintain key freedoms” which would also incorporate the mobility of labours.
Moreover, Jean-Claude Juncker also stated the “EU executive's priorities” in a written yearly report which was addressed to state members and members of the European parliament. The report also lists out the “major challenges” that the union is facing at the moment, whereby Juncker cites:
"The challenge of working on a fair deal for the United Kingdom within a European Union committed to the four freedoms of the single market and the values which all 28 member states share."
The Reuters writes about Juncker’s decision and the announcement, wherein an extract also brings in Prime Minister of Britain, who is looking for modifying membership terms and conditions given the immigration rates of EU, yet it is concerned about the British citizen’s freedom to pursue their career in anywhere in the world. Accordingly, quoting Reuters on this matter is as follows:
“British Prime Minister David Cameron is seeking to rework terms of membership to address, among other concerns, Britain's desire to reduce immigration from other EU states - an issue that EU leaders say must not conflict with citizens' freedom to work anywhere in the bloc that they choose”.
However, the tale doesn’t here, it is informed that Juncker is likely to speak to the Union of the European Parliament in the “annual State of the Union speech”, wherein he is expected to take up the issue regarding Britain’s membership and related matters further. 


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