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Camille Morineau: Promoting Women Artists of the 20th Century


Curating the groundbreaking “elles@centrepompidou” in 2009-11, featuring works by women artists from the Centre Pompidou collection, Camille Morineau, the President of AWARE (Archives of Women Artists, Research and Exhibitions), continues to tirelessly advocate for women artists and enlighten their forgotten histories.

by Mala Yamey

Photo by Valerie Archeno
Photo by Valerie Archeno
“elles@centrepompidou” sparked your mission for women artists, could you tell me about the experience of curating the exhibition?
It was not really an exhibition: it was a permanent collection display with only women artists. The principle was simple: we displayed only women artists from the permanent collection but it was a massive project because the 4th and 5th floors make up a big space in Centre Pompidou (80,729 square feet). We had to literally push out of the museum the grandmasters such as Picasso Matisse, etc. to put women artists in their place. And all of that in a relatively short time... read more