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China opens Wuhan


Chinese authorities have unblocked the exit from Wuhan, where the coronavirus pandemic began, Chinese media reported on Tuesday.

Wuhan has been completely isolated for 76 days. The authorities introduced such measures to contain the spread of COVID-19. Cars with those wishing to leave Wuhan gathered before the opening of the exit from the city.

Train movement was resumed as well. The Global Times newspaper notes that on Wednesday, April 8, about 55 thousand people will leave the city on trains. These are mainly people who work outside of Wuhan. The city authorities, despite their permission to leave, urge residents not to leave Wuhan unnecessarily.

In January, emergency measures were taken in Wuhan to combat the spread of coronavirus. Aviation, railway and other transport communications were suspended, and urban traffic was stopped in the city where more than 11 million people live. 

Over the past two weeks, two new coronavirus infections have been reported in Wuhan, media reported.

source: cnn.com