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China stops Canadian pork import


Beijing has declared veterinary certificates accompanying products fake.

Geoff Peters
Geoff Peters
China has suspended imports of pork from Canada. The temporary ban is associated with fake veterinary certificates that accompany this product. As a result, an inspection conducted at the request of the PRC revealed 188 fake documents.

Also the pork contained traces of ractopamine, which is used to increase muscle mass. This feed additive is banned in many countries, including China and the EU states.

"Recently, Chinese customs inspected traces of ractopamine in a consignment of pork exported from Canada to China, after which the Chinese side immediately suspended the import of pork from the Canadian companies concerned and demanded that the Canadian side conduct an investigation," the Chinese embassy in Canada said.

According to the embassy, "in order to ensure safety of Chinese consumers, the Chinese authorities took urgent preventive measures and appealed to the Government of Canada to suspend issuance of certificates for meat exported to China from June 25 of this year."The restrictions are temporary, but Beijing did not name exact dates. China hopes that Canada will complete an investigation of this situation as soon as possible and will be able to ensure safety of food supplies to the Chinese market.” 

source: reuters.com