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China to cancel COVID-19 tests for travelers entering the country from 30 August


Beginning on August 30, visitors to China won't be required to present the results of PCR tests for coronavirus or antibodies.

Raimond Spekking
Raimond Spekking
Chinese authorities no longer require foreign visitors to the country to submit the results of COVID-19 antibody testing or PCR tests for the coronavirus. According to a statement from Wang Wenbin, the spokesman for the Chinese foreign ministry, the decision will become effective on August 30.

Beginning on August 30, no one will be required to undergo a nucleic acid (PCR) or antibodies test in order to enter China, Wang Wenbin declared.

The Chinese Foreign Ministry representative did not say whether the necessity to submit an obligatory health statement upon admission to the country will be eliminated. Furthermore, it is unclear if random PCR tests for travelers at Chinese airports will continue to be performed.

source: reuters.com