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Chinese Built a Skyscraper in 19 Days


A company from China has built a 57-storey skyscraper in 19 working days.

According to the Associated Press, a rectangular building of glass and steel has been built in the central district of Changsha, Hunan Province. The workers were building three floors a day, using a modular approach. Buildings are getting enough primitive, and therefore, this method is not respected by architects. However, it is still used in different countries - for example, in the United States and Great Britain.

Overall, more than 2 thousand 700 units were manufactured for the building. They have done more than four months. In addition, the first 20 floors of the building were built in 2014, and the rest - in the current year.

- The traditional technique involves building a house" brick by brick ", while our units just needed to be put together, - said the engineer Chen Chingan. However, this technology is not respected by architects minding its primitiveness and lack of personality.

Sales of space in Mini Sky City will begin next month.

The same company is going to build the world's highest skyscraper Sky City with 220 floors (about 838 meters) in the central region of China. This work is planned to be accomplished in three months, what is also a record for the period.

The construction has not begun yet as the permission for it not received.

Currently the tallest building in the world is the 828-meter skyscraper Burj Khalifa (Khalifa Tower) in Dubai.

Meanwhile, March 17, the Chinese National Bureau of Statistics announced that in February 2015, housing prices in 70 major Chinese cities fell by an average of 5.7% compared to February 2014. This is the sixth consecutive decline. In January, real estate has lost 5.1% in value.

Believing private researches, the sale of housing in 48 major cities in China declined by 10.9% compared with a year earlier. Government’s revenue from land sales fell by 36.2% in the first two months of this year, according to Shanghai Daily.

- Simply put, China has made and built too much power through overinvestment in the cement and steel companies, with an emphasis on the development of housing construction. In this process, China has accumulated the largest in the history of bad debt, - says economist Richard Weiguo.

To sum up in a few words, people do not buy apartments from developers, and they in turn do not buy land from the state. This is a very serious problem in a country where the real estate market provides 20% of GDP and the population invests mainly in the purchase of housing.