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Chinese Nonconformism


25 years ago, the Chinese authorities brutally suppressed the protests by broke up a demonstration in Tiananmen Square in Beijing. Today, non-conformism took new forms - in particular in art.

Ai Weiwei with his Tate Modern Turbine Hall installation Sunflower Seeds BBC/Getty Images Europe/Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images
Ai Weiwei with his Tate Modern Turbine Hall installation Sunflower Seeds BBC/Getty Images Europe/Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images
Mostly, West associates intelligent, creative protest against the ideological pressure the Chinese authorities with the name of Ai Weiwei. There’s no Chinese artist to be compared with the popularity of Ai Weiwei all around the Western part of Europe. Chinese authorities contributed in this to some extent too, being in pursuit of one of the most talented and interesting artists of contemporary art in the world. After Ai Weiwei on bogus charges was sent to prison in 2011, protests in his support had been rolled around the world.

In April, Ai Weiwei was not allowed to come to the opening of Prof - his solo exhibition in Berlin's cultural center Martin-Gropius-Bau. This was kind of visual accusation Beijing's human rights abuses. Two months have passed since the opening of the exhibition, it was visited by over 70 thousand people.

But the contemporary art scene in Beijing does not consist of Ai Weiwei alone. It is interesting, diverse and growing rapidly. Young Chinese artists are boldly moving boundaries of the possible. Their works are often witty, provocative and political. This is confirmed by the Berlin exhibition "The path of eight." So, the couple Sun Yuan and Peng Yu repainted his jeep to a police car and a ride through the night Beijing, so that even these guards did not notice the deception. Art critic Guo Xiaoyan called this artistic action "an act of resistance."

Another great idea belongs Xiang Xe, born in 1986. He is the author of two very different works, which were also included in the exhibition. This is, firstly, a kind of anti-capitalist protest concept, expressed in that Xe Syangyuy boiled 120 tons of Coke for a year and half, turning it into a shapeless mass.

The art of modern China based on nonstandard, indirect forms of expression - says the curator of the exhibition "The path of eight" Andreas Schmidt, who lived in China for quite a long time, and who knows the art scene in China. According to him, Ai Weiwei is an atypical representative. He spent a lot of time in Western Europe, which influenced his style, and is close to the European audience. However, the majority of Chinese artists has another way.

The younger generation finds many other ways to express themselves – either directly, or in a hidden form. For example, Jan Zhunlin author bright paintings depicting two homosexuals targeted by surveillance cameras. The painting is called "I keep watch over your moral character." Sun Yuan and Peng Yu made a video in which a man with a blindfold skillfully and quickly assembled and disassembled Kalashnikov - thus artists expressed their attitude to the cult of weapon. The authors are going to show the movie in China and in the US, but in both cases were denied. In the end, the audience became acquainted with this video in the Ukraine.

source: dw.de