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Conflict over oil extraction erupts in Norway


Norway, which positions itself as a progressive and environmentally friendly country, is Western Europe's largest producer of oil and gas. The electric car capital of the world (per capita) produces more oil than Saudi Arabia or Russia. This controversy has sparked a conflict between political parties and ordinary people in the country, Bloomberg writes.

"We are only five million people, but we are still one of the world's largest oil and gas exporters. It is very important for Norwegian climate policy that we stop developing new fields," said Green Party politician and Oslo deputy mayor Lan Marie Nguyen Berg. She has since received a flood of hateful messages, threats and racist comments on social media.

The oil and gas sector employs around 200,000 people. The imposition of restrictions on the industry could have a greater and more lasting impact on the lives of Norwegians than any climate policy, the paper writes. At the moment, Norwegian policy aims to reduce some of the carbon dioxide emissions from oil and gas production. At the same time, all major parties in Norway want the industry to continue exploring and developing new fields.

Earlier it became known that the state pension fund of Norway, which is the world's largest sovereign reserve fund and the largest "oil cube" of the planet decided to invest in an offshore wind farm. They intend to spend 1.375 billion euros for this purpose.

source: bloomberg.com