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Covid-19 Antibody Testing To Be Offered By UK To General Public: Media Reports


Covid-19 Antibody Testing To Be Offered By UK To General Public: Media Reports
According to media reports in Britain, Covid-19 antibody testing to the general public will be offered in the coming weeks by the United Kingdom for the first time since the pandemic began.
The details of the program that were published by multiple media outlets, including Sky News and BBC, say that the aim of the this program is to generate data on level of antibody protection for people after the various variants of the coronavirus were reported.
Sky News reported that the residents of England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland above the age of 18 years would be able to choose to participate in the program when they undertake a PCR test.
Two finger-prick tests to complete at home will be provided to the participants if they test positive for Covid-19. The results of the antibody tests and the antibody response to different coronavirus variants will then have to be reported by the participants to the UK Health, said the BBC. The program is slated to start Tuesday next week.
Under the program, participants will need to take and report the first of these tests as soon as possible after they test positive in a PCR test and the second one after at least 28 days.
According to the UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA), the program will enroll a maximum of 8,000 participants. The program is being run by the UKHSA, reported Sky News. 
The results derived from the program will be used for monitoring antibody levels in positive cases by UKHSA which will be working alongside the NHS Test and Trace program.