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Customers Need Not Worry Anymore About Data Overage Charges


AT&T introduces new cell phone data plans.

Malathi Nayak reports to Reuters that AT&T Inc has announced that the company will be launching a “new data plan”. The said plan will get rid of “overage fees” besides bring down “data speeds for wireless customers” who over shoot their data allowance quota.
Customers will have the power to “choose the new Mobile Share Advantage plan”, while they can also pay to access extra amount of data as required. Moreover, the customers will also have the option of working with “slower data speed” instead of shelling out for extra data, stated the company. While, Reuters adds:
“Its (AT&T) current plan includes a $5 data overage charge per 300 megabytes on its 300-megabyte plan and $15 per 1 gigabyte on other plans”.
There is an “aggressive battle” between the rivals’ circle of AT&T which deals with customer subscription in the U.S., wherein the customers have saturated the “wireless market”. In today’s world overage charges have been trouble for customers who are progressively playing online games or streaming videos online.
AT&T’s new data plan follows its rival Verizon Communications Inc’s safety mode’s launch, whereby the analyst Roger Entner stated:
"In a competitive market, Verizon and AT&T cannot afford to ignore each other. If one does something, the other one has to follow suit."
In fact, Entner also informed that AT&T as well as Verizon had to rework to keep up with the challenges thrown in by “smaller competitors” some of which did away with “data overage charges” back in the year of 2014, while others began to offer “half-off discounts”, whereby luring the customers to join their services. Furthermore, Reuters added:
“AT&T has also revised prices and data bucket sizes. For instance, its larger 25-gigabyte plan now costs $190 per month for four smartphone lines. It previously cost $235.
“All the new plans include an access charge of $10 to $40 per month for each device, AT&T said”.
The upcoming plans will feature “unlimited text and talk and rollover data”. Moreover, customers with over “10 gigabytes” plans can even text and talk unlimitedly to Canada and Mexico, while roaming charges will not be applicable in Mexico.