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DPA: Number of ATMs blown up in Germany reaches record


The number of ATMs blown up in Germany has reached an all-time record in 2020, Martina Link, Vice President of the Federal Criminal Office (BKA), told dpa on Sunday, 20 December. According to her, there will be more than 400 such cases by the end of the year.

Sascha Kohlmann
Sascha Kohlmann
This will therefore be an all-time record. The last record was set in 2018, when around 370 ATMs were blown up and robbed. In 2019, 349 ATMs were blown up in Germany.

According to the BKA, in 2020, in 160 cases the robbers managed to reach the target and get the cash; in the remaining cases the robbery went wrong. ATMs are blown up the most in the federal state of North Rhine-Westphalia in Western Germany, with 174 ATMs robbed there in 2020.

Criminal gangs from the Netherlands are the most active in blowing German ATMs, with more than half of the suspects operating from there. Most of them are from Utrecht and Amsterdam. According to the BKA, in some cases the perpetrators were from Romania and Moldova. It is noted that in such crimes, the damage to the ATMs exceeds the amount of money stolen.

source: dpa.com