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Dayton Power and Light makes Miami Valley more energy efficient


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The Dayton Power and Light company has begun helping residents of Miami Valley to change over from incandescent bulbs to their more energy efficient CFL equivalent. To do so, it has tied up with The Foodbank as well as local pantry services. The scope of this exercise is not just limited to light bulbs, but to energy guzzling appliances we well.
In order to be more energy efficient, AES’s subsidiary Dayton Power and Light (DP&L), has tied up with The Foodbank and other local pantry services, to distribute 160,000 energy efficient lighting CFL bulbs. Since these families will receive these free CFL bulbs, it will free up their costs, which they can prioritise for other purchases.
Typically, CFL bulbs are 75% more efficient than their incandescent counterparts, which translates to $30 saving in electricity costs for every single bulb. With the average home using around 40 light bulbs, the saving in electricity cost per month alone is $1200.
“DP&L is committed to partnering with our customers to help them save money and energy. By teaming up with our community partners like The Foodbank, DP&L is able to distribute more energy saving CFLs assisting our neighbors in the Miami Valley,” said Tom Raga, DP&L’s CEO and President.
Through this CFL bulb donation exercise, DP&L is just contributing to enhance the energy conservation process for the local residents of Miami Valley as well as for the local food pantry services. Apart from this act of charity, every year, DP&L’s employees generously donate to the local food pantry services as well as volunteer their time to these organisations.
“DP&L offers generous support in our community, especially to those individuals most in need. They are Hunger Heroes. The CFL giveaway is just one more example of their local contributions. Household items are very popular among the families served by our member agencies. To be able to provide these necessities, especially energy-efficient light bulbs, makes a real difference,” said Michelle Riley, The Foodbank’s CEO.
From April 29th onwards, apart from distributing free CFL bulbs in the Miami Valley area, DP&L will also do a free distribution drive at the Second Harvest Food Bank, 701 E. Columbia Avenue in Springfield as well as in Shared Harvest Food Bank, 5901 Dixie Highway in Fairfield.
The distribution of these free energy efficient CFLs bulbs is part of DP&L’s Residential Energy Efficient Programs (REE), designed to provide discounted energy efficient lighting systems to customers and to local food retailers. The REE program also caters to helping local residents to recycle their energy-guzzling freezers and refrigerators and gently persuades them, in the form of rebates, to purchase more energy efficient heating and air-conditioning systems.
About the Dayton Power and Light Company
The Dayton Power and Light Company is a subsidiary of the regional energy provider, DPL Inc and of AES. DPL Energy LLC (DPLE), Miami Valley Insurance Company (MVIC) and DPL Energy Resources Inc. (DPLER) are other DPL’s significant subsidiaries.
A regulated electricity provider it generates approximately 3,000MW of electricity of which 2,000MW comes from coal-fired units and 1,000 from a consortium of resources such as solar, natural gas, and diesel. The Dayton Power and Light Company services more than 515,000 customers throughout West Central Ohio.