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EP to Hold Russia Back


June 10, Wednesday, at the plenary session in Strasbourg, MEPs approved a resolution based on the report of the Lithuanian deputy Gabrielius Landsbergis. 494 deputies supported the draft resolution of Landsbergis, 135 voted against, another 69 abstained. Resolution of the European Parliament are not legislative.

Here are some excerpts from the press release of the European Parliament as the resolution was adopted:

- The Russian leadership has put our relationship at a crossroads with its aggressive actions against the annexation of the Crimea in Ukraine. The choice of development of our relations - cooperation or further deterioration - is up to the Kremlin.

- We are convinced that the citizens of Russia, as well as everyone, want peace, not war. Changes in Russia can and should take place within. The parliament calls on the European Commission for the immediate release of adequate funding specific projects to counter Russian propaganda and misinformation within the European Union and beyond, as well as to create a more ambitious program of financial assistance to civil society in Russia. "

MEPs also said that Russia allegedly "openly opposes the democratic international community and the rule of law, trying to redraw European borders by force."

MPs, voted for the resolution, also stated that the maintenance of "unity" among EU member states in the context of the "illegal annexation" of the Crimea and the Russia’s "direct participation" in the war in the Ukraine is the "absolute priority". The document sets out a call for the EU, in order to refrain from bilateral deals with Russia, which could damage this unity. In addition, MEPs called for the rapid establishment of the European Energy Union.

The resolution notes that the long-term constructive and predictable relations between the EU and Russia are desirable for the mutual benefit of the parties, but the restoration of cooperation is possible only on the condition that Russia "will respect the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Ukraine, including Crimea, fully comply with the Minsk Agreement, and stop destabilizing military and other actions that it performs on the borders of the EU. "

The EU also called for "a plan for the use of mild power to counter the aggressive policy of Russia and shares."

In fact, it is a call for the development of the concept to fully deter Russia from the EU in the information, political, energy and other fields.