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EU Migrant Crisis: Eurostar Trains Held Up Overnight After Tresspassers Climb on Trains


Hundreds of passengers were trapped in a Eurostar train for an entire night on Wednesday due to disruptions by migrants. The Eurostar trains experienced long delays overnight and some of the passengers were trapped for more than 14 hours.
The passengers complained of “very dark” train coaches and “horrendous conditions’ while they waited in the train.
While apologizing to the passengers for the unexpected delay, the Eurostar spokesperson attributed the delays to incidents where trespassers climbed on train about 2 km from the Channel Tunnel causing the authorities to halt the Eurostar train.
It is believed that the trespassers were migrants from Africa.
"Our staff have been on hand today and through the night to provide as much support and care as possible to arriving customers and to advise on compensation," said the spokesperson of Eurostar.
It is believed that migrants from the Middle East, Asia and Africa, numbering between 3,000 and 4,000, are camped near Calais, and have disrupted freight transport between UK and France throughout the summer.
A few days after German Chancellor Angelo Merkel on Monday had called for greater EU co-operation on the issue and implicitly called for other countries to welcome more refugees, British Prime Minister David Cameron said "taking more and more refugees" was not the answer to the EU's current migration crisis. This, according to analysts, was indication of a clear division between EU nations about handling the migration crisis.
Security authorities found twenty migrants holed up inside a lorry at a ferry terminal in North Shields on Wednesday. It is reported that the migrants travelled to the UK from the Netherlands off a DFDS ferry on Tuesday.
“Two claiming to be minors have been passed to social services for age-assessment and two adults are in immigration detention while their cases are progressed," a Home Office of the British government spokesman said.
"We can confirm that a group of clandestines were discovered and detained at North Shields. We are not able to comment further on this case as this is now a matter for the authorities," said a DFDS spokesman to the media.
The present migration crisis is the worst that has been witnessed by Europe ever since the Second World War. 
Earlier on Tuesday, hundreds of migrants rallied outside Budapest's Eastern Railway Terminus on Tuesday demanding to be allowed to travel to Germany, amid division between the European Union leaders on how to handle the migration crisis.
Adopting a lenient stand towards migrants coming from Syria, the German government had announced that it would suspend the EU Dublin Refugee rule for the Syrians asylum seekers. The rule mandates that every migrant into the EU has to enter the region after getting registered in the first country through which they enter the Europe.
There have been allegations by Hungary and Austria against the German government for allegedly stoking chaos at their railway stations and roads as well as at their border, where migrants seek transit to Germany.
Meanwhile, the Austrian police arrested three people on Friday in connection with the deaths of 71 migrants found in an abandoned lorry found on an Austrian motorway on Thursday. Decomposing bodies were found inside a refrigerated lorry near the Hungarian border on Thursday morning by the Austrian police and it is believed that the dead had been lying there for more than 2 days when they were found.

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