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EU Peers Warn Britons Of ‘No Free Lunch’ After Brexit


No advantages for Britain once it quits the union, maintains Schaeuble of Germany.

The Finance Minister of Germany, Wolfgang Schaeuble, remarked saying Britain needs to get it right that it “won't have advantages” when the other twenty seven peers in the European Union stand by. Using a typical English touch, Schaeuble, stated:
“There is no free lunch. Britons must know that.”
On the other hand, chancellor, Angela Merkel, also came up with similar warning wherein she stated that Britons won’t be allowed to “enjoy EU rights after Brexit”, while EU will only strike any deal with London once Britain officially leaves EU with a deal. While, the Prime Minister of Britain, Theresa May, consider Merkel’s statement to highlight the difficulties to strike “Brexit negotiations”.
Further, Schaeuble also added:
“We don't want to weaken Britain. But we also don't want that the rest of Europe is weakened. Britain should not have advantages after the exit, that other countries don't have.”