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EU Suspects the US Film Companies in Violation of the Competition


EU antitrust case brought against six US film studios, including Disney and Warner Bros, as well as the British broadcaster Sky UK. They could restrict access to satellite television programs in the EU.

The European Union started an antitrust case against the six major American film studios and satellite network British Sky UK, suspected of restricting access to the programs of the British television channel for European viewers. This was reported in a press release published on the website of the European Commission on Thursday, 23 of July.
Such American companies as Disney, Warner Bros, NBC Universal, Paramount Pictures, Sony and Twentieth Century Fox feature in the case. The European Commission has sent them and Sky UK notification of claims, according to the press release. As suggested by the European authorities, these companies have introduced contractual limitations, depriving consumers in EU countries outside the United Kingdom the opportunity to watch Sky UK program.
According to the text of the declaration, the EU authorities have begun an antitrust investigation in respect of these companies in January 2014. As a result of checking their contracts with Sky UK, were found items with the requirement that the British company must block access to its programs outside the licensed territory - Britain and Ireland, resulting for Sky and other mentioned companies getting ‘absolute territorial exclusivity", which allows them to avoid competition in the international market, stated in the EU’s declaration.

source: dw.de