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EU imposes sanctions against Syria's only private airline


The sole private airline operating in Syria, Cham Wings, has been sanctioned by the EU.

Konstantin 'KVentz' Ventslavovich
Konstantin 'KVentz' Ventslavovich
According to a statement published in the EU's official journal, the European Union has imposed sanctions against six people and five entities from Syria, including the country's only private airline, Cham Wings.

The dossier claims that the airline was involved in money laundering, the "transfer of mercenaries," and the transportation of weapons and narcotics. Sanctions have also been applied to people or organizations associated with the Syrian leaders as well as those working with Iran.

The EU has no communication with the existing government and has no intention of lifting the sanctions or helping with Syria's rehabilitation unless the Syrian leadership's policies change.

Open sources state that Cham Wings Airline was established in 2007 and has its main office in Damascus. The airline was subject to U.S. sanctions on December 23, 2016 due to its connections to the Syrian government and Syrian Air, which Iranians used to bring illicit goods into Syria.

source: ec.europa.eu