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Emirates Warns Of Not Taking Deliveries Of Boeing’s 777x Jets Is Performance Commitment Not Met


Emirates Warns Of Not Taking Deliveries Of Boeing’s 777x Jets Is Performance Commitment Not Met
If the 777x jets made by the United States based airplane maker Boeing were unable to meet the contractual performance commitments, Emirate airlines would not hesitate to refuse delivery of the planes. This warning was issued by the chief of the Emirates airline which is one of the largest customers of Boeing, in a television interview. 
Even though test flights of the planes gad started in 2020, no performance details of the jet's engines had so far been handed over or provided to him, said Tim Clark, the President of the Middle Eastern airlines in the interview. 
Concerns of Boeing, in recent times, having developed a tendency to over-promise on performance of new jets were raised in the interview by this influential industry veteran, which included the 737 MAX and 787 Dreamliner which were already in service with the Emirates airlines.
"We will not accept an aeroplane unless it is performing 100% to contract," Clark told aviation consultant John Strickland in a pre-recorded online interview for Dubai's Arabian Travel Market trade show. "Unless it is doing what they said it would do and contracted, we will not take that aeroplane," he said.
There were no comments on the issue available from Boeing.
There were also complaints that no data on the performance with Emirates of the GE9X engine form General Electric that powers the 777x was also shared with the airline. While no comments on the issue were made by GE, its spokesman said that the company was pleased with its performance which was validated through an extensive ground and flight test program.
With a fleet of around 140 Boeing 777-300s and 115 Airbus A380s, the state-owned Emirates is one of the biggest long-haul of the world. The airlines has ordered 126 777x and 30 787s worth over $50 billion at list prices with the US plane maker.
Development of the widebody jet - the new version of its popular 777 series, is being done currently by Boeing and the air plane maker has set a target of releasing it in late 2023 compared to its previously announced target date of 2020.
Emirates was consequently scheduled to receive the deliveries of the first planes last July and there are doubts in the mind fo the airline of whether it would get deliveries of the first planes till 2024. Boeing has however told the airline the planes would start being delivered to the airlines in the back end of 2023, Clark said.
"There are issues on that airplane. I'm not altogether clear as to when we're going to get them."
The recent criticism of Boeing about the company needing to undertake a cultural and governance change in the organization following the production of the flawed 737 MAX – whose commercial flights has been suspended globally for almost two years after two fatal crashes involving the planes.
He said he recently told Boeing to only start commercially producing a new aircraft once it had been fully tested and certified.