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Eurofer: Skyrocketing energy prices threaten local industries


Hopes for lower energy costs have faded due to events in Ukraine, jeopardizing viability of many industrial operations, according to a joint statement from European industrial energy consumers, including cement, steel and metals associations.

"European industrial energy consumers are calling for dialogue and pragmatic action on energy security and energy availability," said a release posted on the website of the European Steel Association Eurofer.

"Geopolitical developments at Europe's borders are of great concern to all of us who seek peace, security and prosperity in Europe… These geopolitical events also pose unprecedented challenges to European society. With regard to energy, concerns about the safety, availability and sustainability of energy sources have never been more acute than they are today, highlighting the vulnerability of European industry and the economy as a whole," the statement said.

These events have pushed Europe even further toward a profound energy crisis that threatens the future of Europe's industrial base and the independence of its economy, it said.

For months, European citizens and industry have suffered from extremely high energy prices, European industry representatives recall.

source: eurofer.eu