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European Commission approves hydrogen fuel project


According to a press release from the European Commission (EC), a project to create hydrogen fuel infrastructure involving 13 countries in the European Union has received approval from the EC. This initiative will receive up to €5.2 billion in public funding.

NASA/Cory Huston
NASA/Cory Huston
The second "Important Project of Common European Interest (IPCEI)" to support research, innovation, first industrial deployment, and construction of related infrastructure in the hydrogen sector has been approved by the Commission in accordance with EU state aid regulations, according to a press release.

According to the EC, aid is specifically needed to build "large-scale electrolysers and transport infrastructure for the generation, storage, and delivery of renewable and low-carbon hydrogen."

Thirteen EU member states—Austria, Denmark, Belgium, France, Finland, Italy, Greece, the Netherlands, Portugal, Poland, Spain, Slovakia, and Sweden—co-wrote and presented the initiative, dubbed IPCEI Hy2Use, to the European Commission.

source: ec.europa.eu