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European Parliament freezes investment agreement with China


Members of the European Parliament approved by a majority vote a resolution that effectively freezes preparation and ratification of a new EU investment agreement with China because of Beijing's earlier imposition of counter-sanctions as well as human rights abuses of which the EU accuses China.

debatty.com via flickr
debatty.com via flickr
The resolution was supported by 599 MPs, with 30 voting against it and 58 abstaining.

The MPs called on the European Commission to use the agreement as leverage to improve the human rights situation in China and support civil society there. Furthermore, the EP calls for increased coordination and cooperation with the US "in the transatlantic dialogue on China", in particular with regard to concerted measures to combat human rights violations.

The European Parliament also points to the growing evidence of crimes against humanity in Xinjiang, "calls on the EU, member states to step up efforts to achieve an international investigation into these facts" and "welcomes the inclusion in the EU sanctions list of four Chinese nationals considered by Brussels to be involved in grave human rights violations," the document states.

The EP calls for "using all measures, including economic measures, to persuade China to stop human rights violations in Xinjiang and Tibet".

EU foreign ministers in March agreed to place four Chinese nationals and one organisation on a sanctions list on human rights charges related to the persecution of the "Uighur Muslim minority in Xinjiang". Chinese authorities have repeatedly denied the accusations and have stated that the issues surrounding Xinjiang are not about human rights, ethnic or religious issues; the issues are about violence, terrorism and separatism.

source: ec.europa.eu