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European Top Court Rules Against Chanel In Its Fight With Huawei Over Trademark


European Top Court Rules Against Chanel In Its Fight With Huawei Over Trademark
A court case over trademark that was filed by the French luxury house Chanel against the Chinese technology firm Huawei resulted in the court ruling against the luxury brand in which a top European court ruled on Wednesday that the logos of the two companies had no similarities between them,
This tussle over trademark also underscores the level of possessiveness of the signature logos and trademarks by luxury brands as such logos and trademarks are most of the symbol of luxury, style and exclusivity for millions of people around the world who are luxury goods buyers.
This trademark dispute had started in 2017 which the Chinese firm seeking for get an approval from the EU Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) which is a body that grants trademarks, for registering its computer hardware trademark which essentially comprises of two vertical interlocking semi-circles.
The objection of the privately owned Chanel to that was that the Huawei logo was designed such that it looked very similar to Chanel’s registered French logo which is comprised of two horizontal interlocking semi-circles that the company uses for branding of its perfumes, cosmetics, costume jewellery, leather goods and clothing.
Chanel's objection was dismissed by the trademark office in 2019 as it did not find any similarity between the two logos and said that it did not foresee any confusion about the two logos being misunderstood by the public.
That ruling was subsequently challenged at the Luxembourg-based General Court by the French luxury house which dismissed the plea on Wednesday in its ruling. "The figurative marks at issue are not similar. The marks must be compared as applied for and registered, without altering their orientation," the tribunal of judges said.
There were significant differences between the two logos even visually, the tribunal said.
Ruling in favour of Huawei, the top European court said that it found in particular the logo of Chanel to be comprised of more rounded curves and thicker lines as well as a much greater horizontal orientation compared to the Huawei logo – which the court found was much more vertically aligned. “Consequently, the General Court concludes that the marks are different," it said.
Chanel has the option of appealing against the ruling at the EU Court of Justice, Europe's highest.
No comments on the ruling were available from both the companies,