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Experts: Investments in whisky are on the rise


According to Knight Frank consulting company, last year whisky turned out to be the most profitable investment from among all the luxury investment assets. Over the year, price of Scotch whisky as an investment asset increased by 40%, getting ahead of such traditional assets as collectible wines, ancient coins and works of art.

Whisky unexpectedly became the undisputed leader in terms of profitability among alternative assets for last year. In this regard, the drink was first included in the annual index of luxury investments of Knight Frank consulting company (KFLII).

Over the year, price of Scotch whisky has grown by 40%, and over the last ten years - by 582%.
The index also includes collectible coins, the cost of which increased by 12% for the year, and by 193% - for ten years. And they are followed by all other traditional investment assets, such as collectible wines, works of art, watches, cars, furniture, diamonds, real estate, and jewelry. Last year was unsuccessful for some of them: price of diamonds has not changed, while real estate and jewelry have even fallen in price.

Experts attribute such jump in popularity of whisky as an investment asset to the steady demand for this drink in the world, primarily in Asian countries, which contributes to the rise in prices.
More often than not, investors choose drinks from manufacturers such as Bowmore, Springbank, Macallan, Laphroaig, Clynelish, Dalmore as an investment. Thus, a bottle of Macallan 1926 60-year-old whisky was sold at Christie`s auction for a record £ 700 thousand, and just a month later the same bottle of whisky, but with a label decorated by Irish artist Michael Dillon, was already sold for £ 1.2m

According to Andy Simpson, founder of research firm Rare Whiskey 101, a specialist in whisky investments, “over the past ten years, the market for rare and vintage bottles has experienced an incredible growth in both the volume of whisky sold and purchased and the cost of this whisky.” “We are now in the very center of an ideal storm in terms of supply and demand,” the expert said in an interview with The Times.

source: thetimes.co.uk