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Extremists Found in Paris Airports


After the terrorist attacks in Paris, the Paris airports security service conducted checks of employees. 70 of them were divested of their admissions to the "sterile zone", being suspected of having links with radical Islamists.

After the terrorist attacks in Paris occurred in mid-November, 70 employees of the Paris airports Charles de Gaulle and Orly were suspended from work, as the security service suspected them of having links with radical Islamists. In addition, the airport security have studied contents of lockers belonging to more than 4 thousand employees. In total, about 85 thousand people have access to the "sterile zone" of the two airports. Some airport staff, suspected of having links with radical Islamists, were placed under house arrest. The purpose of inspection is to identify potential terrorists operating in major transport hubs.

Augustin de Romanet, head of the company that manages Paris airports, reported on inspection to the French press. "To get a red badge (such badges are issued to employees working in the "sterile area"), you need to be tested by the police, and if you work for a company that deals with security check baggage, you should be tested three times ", - said Mr. de Romanet. He also noted that after the attacks, number of security staff and the police in the Paris airports was increased twice. IDs of all passengers traveling outside France, including in the countries of the Schengen zone, were checked.

After the terrorist attacks in Paris, with more than 130 people killed, the European authorities started to pay more attention to security of air passengers. In early December, the EU Council of Ministers approved a bill according to which the police and security services of European countries will have access to customer data of European airlines, including names, details on payment, luggage items travel and so on. The EU has been considering this initiative for two years, and debates has been accelerated after the terrorist attacks in Paris.

source: lemonde.fr